Friday, November 10, 2017

About Me and My Style

For those who want the
 short and sweet version...

I'm a city girl with a country heart. 
I love country French, cottage style, and lately, 
I'm all about modern farmhouse. 
But actually, I love a lot of styles!
If I could I'd have 100 houses so I 
could decorate each one differently. 

(Okay, maybe not 100 houses-that's a lot of cleaning!)

For those of you who want the unabridged version:

I studied Interior Design in collage and there I found my love for all things French.  Art was my minor and I took a few introductory courses on several art subjects but Art History was my passion. I know what you're thinking - dork! ;)

I remember I took a class on classical art. I had the most difficult professor in the art building and she was known for failing students. I was so stubborn, I took the class anyway, sure enough, I carried index cards with pictures of Greek statues on the front of the card and the artist and year on the back, for the rest of the semester! Do you know how many statues those people made!?! A LOT! If I wasn't eating, sleeping or designing floor plans I was memorizing flash cards with crazy Greek names on them. It was so hard but I loved it! I did well in the class, even though today, I couldn't name one sculpture! 

I never stopped loving the classics. It still fascinates me today to study the Greeks and Romans. It amazes me how the classics prevail through time. So to this day I stick with the classics because they never go out of style.

 Country Living with Holly Matthis
Country Living with Holly Mathis

So that's probably more than you ever wanted to know about me  but there it is - my style


However, I can appreciate all styles of design! Design is an art. Interior design, fashion, art, photography, they are all closely related. It's about having the eye. The eye for balance, colors, weight and space. Sometimes you either have it or you don't. (I really hope I have it!) 

Zion National Park original landscape oil painting in a modern impressionist style, by Erin Hanson

The most important aspect of making a home a home (instead of a house) is adding a little touch of yourself to it. My personality is a little quirky, I love dogs, books, black and white photography. I want to be surrounded by things that make me smile! So in my home I like to throw a little fun and whimsy into my decor to shake things up a bit. I don't like thinks to be stuffy, too formal, or cluttered. I believe in mixing the old with the new. I love modern art mixed with antiques. 

About your style...

We all have the tendency to look at all the Interior Design magazines, Houzz, Instagram and Pinterest and we think, wow, I want my home to look just like that! And that's okay. That's how we get ideas and inspiration. But don't forget that decorating your home is an art.  And if you take nothing else away from this blog I hope you learn that you should always express yourself in your art and in your home! It's really all about you. 

So I hope you enjoyed learning about my style and why I love it! Hopefully, you can find your style too. And start making your house into a home.

Happy Decorating,

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