Sunday, November 12, 2017

Beautiful And Easy Thanksgiving Table Centerpiece

I'm loving my Thanksgiving dinner table this year! 

I usually go all out and spend tons of time and money 
on the table decorations. 
But this year I decided to keep is simple and quick. 

I read on another blog (wish I could remember who is was) that she wanted quick and easy all of the time not only because that is what people want, but behind the scenes it creates such a mess! 
I have to go back and figure out who said that and tell them thanks!
That thought was an epiphany for me.

So, if I say think of a Thanksgiving centerpiece, 
what comes to mind?
Did you think of flowers?
Maybe some candles?
Maybe even a cute turkey you found at your local craft store?

The first thing that comes to my mind is flowers!

Sometimes, mind boggling expensive flowers!

Normally most people think of flowers when they
 think of centerpieces for a holiday dinner. 

I'm a fanatic when it comes to flowers and floral arranging. 
But the can get expensive, especially if you want
 bunches of them everywhere!

So, this year I went to the grocery store and browsed the
 produce section at my local Trader Joes. 

  So this is what's in my shopping bag:
(3) Persimmons 

What beautiful color these persimmons have and 
the artichokes provide such texture! 
And I already had a dough bowl that I frequently 
use for arrangements. -Perfect for Thanksgiving- 
(If you don't have a dough bowl you should get one.
They are defiantly a workhorse.)

So what do you know? 

I was able to put together, in minutes,
 a fabulous centerpiece for my table!

I went in my backyard and cut some leaves off my 
bushes and add them. I couldn't be more pleased.
 I think that using fruit, vegetables and whatever you
 can find for color and texture, adds an extra special 
element to your floral arrangements.
 Or, in this case, bright color and texture 
stands alone wonderfully!
And its always a conversation piece.
Guest expect to see flower arrangements. 
And as I've said before, I love a bit of the unexpected! 

So next time you go to the grocery store,
 I hope pick up not just fruits and vegetables to eat 
but to decorate with as well! From now on look at your 
produce section differently! Use your artistic eye and 
most of all have fun!
Happy decorating,

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