Friday, November 17, 2017

Quick Fall Decorating

Gosh, Thanksgiving is almost here! And I'm busy working on Christmas! Being new to the blogging community I haven't quite figured out how they do it all. It's not even Thanksgiving but everyone is already posting their Christmas homes decorated to the nines! I just feel like I'm running so far behind! Even when I went to the craft store the Christmas florals and ribbon were slim pickings! Well, I say its never too late for more inspiration!

I usually have a large tray on my kitchen island with lots of goodies on it. But today is such a beautiful day I had to take it outside. 

For fall, I picked up a tray at HomeGoods for about sixteen bucks. (If you have priced large trays you will know that's a pretty good deal.) And, of course, the cute fall plates and the wheat stack are from HomeGoods too. (Because, really, who can go in that place without at least skimming every decor isle! Seriously, I need an  intervention! They should have a warning like...If you have a problem with HomeGoods shopping and can't leave the store until you are running late to pick up your kids please call our 1-800-649-STOP number for help) Sorry, got a little carried away there...back to the vignette. 

You can't really tell from the photo but the bottom of the tray isn't very nice so I've used preserved oak leaves to disguise it while adding another layer to the design. You can use a cute cloth napkin to drape over the bottom of a tray too. I've stacked my bisscotti and  mug on an acacia salt cellar. You can find one here.

If you like this tray vignette and would like more ideas I suggest checking out Yvonne at StoneGable. See her fall kitchen vignette here. I learned so much from her blog!

In my mind, no tray can be created without some fresh flowers on it. As for which flowers to use? Well, I can use tulips for any season! They are so beautiful and come in so many colors. I just added a cute little daisy filler (sorry, don't remember the name) and my amazing floral piece was done. 

Tip: Tulips can open fairly quickly when they are warm. In Houston it's always warm! When I have company coming, I buy mine when I go to the grocery store and stick them in a short round vase that fits into the refrigerator nicely. When I'm ready for them to bloom (when company is coming over) I take them out of the fridge a day or two before.  I've also been known to put them back in the fridge overnight and set them out again in the morning. You will be surprised at home much longer they will last!
Next time you buy tulips try it! 

I found this cute little farmhouse vase at Hobby Lobby. Remember the chrysanthemum arrangement I made here? Well, I just went and cut off a piece from the back of the plant and there you go... Lovely.

Happy Decorating!

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