Sunday, November 5, 2017

Things Aren't Always Black And White But They Should Be

Inspiration For The Black And White Home

I love black and white...everything from black and white photographs to black and white tux. It's sharp, crisp and clean. Sometimes we forget that a black and white home can be very striking. Glamorous even. My personal style is not contemporary but I think my favorite modern interiors are black and white.   I hope your not thinking..."black and white is boring, I need some color." If that sounds like you, hopefully this post will make you think twice! We just need some inspiration. 

Now, let's get inspired! 


I'm proud to say that this is Renea Abbot's home, from my back yard in Houston, TxRenea owns Shabby Slips on Bissonnet Street in West University. (Her shop is to die for! Seriously!)

When you decorate, the details are what takes a room from static to dynamic. Notice the details that really make this room work. I love dark walls in a bedroom! Strategic use of white in this room keeps it fresh. The white ceiling, the white moldings and white bedside dresser keep the room from becoming too dark. Simple window treatments let ample light in. This is black and white design to perfection! 

I could write about her home forever but instead  I will let you check out this great article on The Decorista.  

Renea Abbot

House Beautiful
Neutrals always work well with black and white. Here neutral wood tones add warmth to the room. The neutrals also work to keep the eye moving around the room. 


Wow! I always love gold with black and white. To get that Hollywood Glam style add a bit of gold to your room! Or in this case, a lot! 

But black and white can be more casual too!


Casual Farmhouse. Love it! The tiny pop of green makes the room! Do you agree?

to disguise a tv... better than just a tv focal point, this is great... I'd add some color.

I'm loving how the black and white color scheme makes the TV blend in! 

a cosy country farmhouse with modern interiors

Everything old is new again! Modern Farmhouse is so hot right now. Remember when we used to rip these old tiles and tubs out? Ha! If we had only waited! Black and white has farmhouse written all over it!

Budget Friendly

So Let's say you're not...hummm...Gweneth Paltrow (I just saw a interview on TV about her new biz venture, GOOP, but I digress) and you don't have a pile of cash sitting around (actually, I'm pretty sure all her cash is in the bank, she probably doesn't even carry cash on her...oops, there I go again- back to the budget) Yes, that where I was going. The dreaded B-word!!!
Don't worry, I have some ideas that will get you started and won't break the bank!

History in the Making | AH&L

What about covering some books with white paper? Or adding a white or black lamp?

Cuckoo 4 Design

Here is a great example from Julia at Cuckoo 4 Design. There are soooo many ideas in this room! Totally digging the white and black curtains. Fun! What about quirky tassels? And that poof! (who name it a poof? I can just imagine a design room with someone saying, lets just call it a poof, and someone else saying,  fine, poof it is.) --Sorry, ramblings--back to the subject.

Did I mention adding a rug, black lampshade or pillows? These are easy ways to start going to a black and white color scheme.

cat in diapers

Julia even has black and white kittens!
 (I'm thinking that wasn't planned;)
Black & White (and a Bit in Between)
Ballard Designs
I own this coffee table book and let me tell you it totally changed the way I think about black and white. If your serious about black and white design I cannot recommend this book enough. (I have no association with this book or author, this is just my honest opinion.) 

Well, I hope this post gave you plenty of pictures and tips to inspire you! I'd love to here your thoughts on black and white in the comments below.

Happy decorating,

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