Thursday, December 7, 2017

DIY Quick and Easy Snowflake Purse

Check out this cute purse I found for $7 at Target! I wasn't able to find a link online but I found it at the front with the dollar items.  I thought,,, wouldn't that look adorable with a white snowflake on it? 

Pier 1 has these here for...wait for it...$2.37 each. SCORE.
When I saw this purse at Target I knew that a place mat would fit (probably:-) 
And since I was currently not loving my purse at the moment a snowflake purse for about $13 dollars sounded perfect. 

And because I'm lazy, I just hot glued the place mat on! I'm sure someone who is more experience than I would use fabric glue. 

I think it turned out really cute. What do you think? Not bad for a 10 minute project!
I was inspired by these whites and silvers. How beautiful is heather grey with white and silver?
I could do my whole house in this color scheme. 

Since I made this purse last week I've received so many compliments! It's a big hit! Don't you love it when something inexpensive is better than anything else out there.

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