Saturday, December 23, 2017

So Christmas is around the corner! We already have family arriving and I'm so tired! 

I like to say "Less Is More" but that just doesn't apply at the holidays. It's more like what my girlfriend MJ, likes to say, "More Is More!" And I'm all on board!

But as I settle in for the night, I try to find my quiet time to reflect for a brief moment on the meaning of the holiday. Even if your not  religious its important to just reflect on what really matters in life. 

Today I'd like to share my Christmas wish for you
 and your family...

May all of you wishes be for others.
May your days be full of good health.
May someday your children grow up to fight the good fight.
And give you many grandbabies to spoil.
May the meaning of Christmas continue in you.
May you wish Grace upon those you might not want to.
And may God look upon you with many blessing.
May you show those who are love ones what they mean to you.
May your days be long and prosperous. 
But once in a while remember,
 Christmas is a holiday about people. 
All people, close and far.  
 May you remember to be good to others and wish them the same wish I wish for you, for someday those lives you have touched will reflect a small piece of you.

Merry Christmas from Our Family To Yours

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