Sunday, December 3, 2017

What To Shop For Today At Marshalls

So Today I went to my favorite Marshall's in Houston on West Grey. I thought I would give you some ideas of what that have for Christmas today! 

 This is one of those great motorized cars! They had a couple or more. Boy and girl. Neat, I want one!

So these are super nice and wonderful gifts for that man in your life! Or a family game room. Or that client you want to impress. They are collectors items so they are much nicer than the regular game. These photos don't do them justice! They are wood with storage drawers and some of them rotate. Very nice.  They are more 3-D than the regular board games.


And, of course, the Christmas tree dress that is so popular right now.  If you are looking for regular artificial trees they have some of those as well.

 Farmhouse is so big right now and I just couldn't pass up these old-fashion spools that have twine and ribbon on them. They are just beautiful in there own right! They have plenty of these. They are so pretty I don't know if I could actually bring myself to use the ribbon. Traditional colors only.

And Coffee table books! I bought two for myself today! I can never have enough books. I think when you are making a home it should reflect who you are as a person/family. Coffee table books are a great way to do that. I have lots of interior design books, fashion/style books, and ancient history books around my house. They are all topics of interest for me and tell a person what I like with out a word!

Here is a quick list of what Marshalls have plenty of right now:

  • Christmas paper gift bags, cute tissue paper, Christmas XL cloth gift bags for that big and hard gift to wrap and wrapping paper
  • Paper Christmas plates and napkins
  • Christmas throws
  • Puffs
  • Orniments
  • Dog beds and gifts
  • Throw pillows and Christmas pillows
  • Stationary/organizers/photo books

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