Monday, January 1, 2018

Blue and White New Year!

Happy New Year!!!

So here is a long does it take you to start writing 2018 instead of 2017??? 

On a more serious note...
I wish you all the best for the coming new year! And with the new year brings in the talk of new resolutions! Personally my goal for 2018 is to get more organized with my blog. This year has been a lot of learning and just trying to figure out how to blog. Let me tell you it's a rabbit hole! However, I'm finally feeling that I have a grasp of the basics and I'm ready to take it up a notch! (I hope I didn't just jinks myself)

You can look forward this year to regular (fingers crossed) posts on Sat & Sundays and maybe Wednesdays. I would love to hear what your favorite type of posts are! 

Moving on to our New Years dinner..

I just wanted to share a few pictures of our New Year's tablescape!

 I'm a huge fan of blue and white. So this year my sister-in-law made me beautiful monogram napkins and placemats for Christmas. LOVE!!! And who doesn't love monogram? Its just so elegant! 

I'm crazy over the blue with the soft heather grey colors. It works with my color-scheme though out the house. And they work beautifully with my Spode Blue Room Collection!

So lets talk dishes for a minute...

I love blue and white. I started a collection of dishes many years ago. Spode is the go to in my book for blue and white dishes. But over the years I discovered a few others that I really enjoyed as well. Mainly Johnson Bros. Most of my favorite patterns are discontinued but they are other ways to find them. With a little patience of coarse. If you are interested in blue and white dishes check the following out. If  not scroll on down to my advice and keep reading.

Here are some goodies I found for your collection:
Get started with Spode click here
Also, Johnson Bros is another great company and works well with Spode. Some of my favorite Johnson Bros patterns are no longer made. A great place to find these are:
I even have some Queen's English Scene mixed in. Check it out here.
Honestly, I think I found some of my first plates at Marshalls and Tuesday Morning. 

My advice is to mix some of the new patterns with some of the old  It's more work but trust me the results are worth it! 

It's so much fun to see how one little addition can spark a whole cascade of wonderful change. From the new placemats and napkins I was able to pull out my blue and white Spode, from there blue  hydrangea and white tulips, then the placecards, then my cobalt blue glasses and vases and on and on!

I made these placecard holders a couple of years ago to go with a nature theme Christmas. I think they look fantastic together with the table and I've secretly been dying to find more opportunities to use them. ( Mom is trying to steal them;-) I practice chalkboard lettering off of Pintrest so I can write my names sorta, kinda well!

 In the kitchen I was able to use some more of my plates and cobalt blue vases. It's taken me time to collect what I have. And once again, I have mixed some expensive pieces with inexpensive pieces to make it look like a million bucks! My suggestion to you this year is start a collection of anything you love.

 It doesn't have to be china, it can be anything you love!!! In fact, that sounds like a great next post. Wonderful things we collect!

Happy New Year's and thanks for letting me share my dinner decor with you. If you liked this post please comment below...I want to know if you collect anything? And I always welcome questions and feedback. 
~ Sharing with a friend is the biggest compliment~  

Happy Decorating,

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