Sunday, January 14, 2018

Ready For Spring

Ready for Spring anyone?

Now that Christmas has come and gone the house is feeling a little bare. I always have torn feelings after Christmas, part of me is ready to sad to see it go but another part of me just wants to get back to my daily routine. Just before Christmas I bought a huge bookcase that is the focal point of my living room and now its completely empty. It's a daunting task. So, whenever I'm in a decorating funk, I go buy flowers. In my opinion, flowers are natures beautiful jewels. Don't get me wrong, I love a diamond but there is something that makes my heart swell when I see flowers!

So I was working on this post until 1:00AM last night and I didn't get to capture all of the photos I wanted so I needed to keep them looking perfect until the next day. 

I'll tell you my favorite flower tips below...

  • Tulips are cold weather flowers. When the day is done, I put them,vase and all, in the refrigerator overnight. Ice cubes and ice water help too. 
  • Hydrangea can be finicky. They love water. I've notice that sometimes my hydrangea start to wilt too soon. Sometimes as soon as I cut them and put them in water! I immerse my whole hydrangea in water overnight and in the morning, Voila! Brand new!
  • Orchids are another one of my go to flowers that can be finicky. It's all about the watering and the roots. Don't pull off the roots on top, that's how the breathe. Leave them root-bound in the container. They love it. Take them to the kitchen sink and run water generously through the soil. They don't like their leaves wet. Occasionally, you can use special orchid fertilizer if you like. Run it through the roots after you have watered it well. Let drain well in sink. Put back in a pretty container and cover the roots with green moss. Leave it alone until the same day the next week! I actually set a reminder on my phone.

So, remember I was saying that I needed to keep my flowers looking photo ready for today? Well, what do you think?

I think it worked pretty well!
Aren't these open tulips gorgeous!

I would love to hear any tips or tricks you know to keep your flowers happy! I want to get a Maiden Hair fern next! Advice anyone? 

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